NGK started its activities in Brazil in 1959, settling in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Today is headquartered at the neighborhood of Cocuera in an area of 625,000m2. On site, in addition to the factory, there are also one of the four Technology Centers of the company in the world. The other three are in the Germany, United States and Japan. NGK do Brasil still has a commercial team present in all of South America.

 Founded in 1936, in Nagoya, Japan, NGK has a strong presence in all continents of the world. Currently, the NGK do Brasil produces porcelain coverings, technical ceramics, spark plugs and ignition cables, resistor covers and markets NTK oxygen sensors, knock sensors and cutting tools.

 NGK is a company certified by ISO/TS 16949 and fully meets the several international reference standards of quality, which enables to provide its products to automakers all over the world, in addition to the ISO 14001, internationally recognized standard that defines the requirements for the manufacture to establish an effective Environmental Management System.

 In addition to the automotive sector, NGK do Brasil is present with the Super NGK brand, one of the leading manufacturers of porcelain coverings of the country, developing and producing porcelain tiles to meet the strictest quality standards.

 Another division of the NGK group, NTK, is specialized in technical ceramics and pioneer in the manufacture of refractories rolls for continuous furnaces in the Brazilian market. The company has a strict control of processes, ensuring to its customers total quality of its products. NTK Cutting Tools is the division of the group that represents the brand in the market of machine tools, being specialized in cutting tools.

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