Oxygen Sensor


To meet the most demanding standards of environmental pollutants emission restriction, the NTK, technical ceramics division of NGK, has made available on the automotive market the oxygen sensors or lambdas sensors.

NTK sensors are produced with the same technology and quality of sensors provided to the largest automakers in the world.

These sensors are made up of a zirconium dioxide sensor element that by comparing the concentration of oxygen present in the reference air with oxygen present in the exhaust gases determine if the fuel air mixture is rich or lean. This information is used by electronic injection system to determine how much fuel should be injected.

In vehicles that have flex-fuel technology the information generated by the sensor helps the injection module to determine which fuel is being used by the vehicle.

NTK makes available on the market conventional sensors and fast and ultrafast heating technology sensors.

Check NTK recommendations catalog or contact SAC (Customer Support Service) 0800197112 to know which oxygen sensor is applied to your vehicle.