Resistor Covers



The resistor covers have the function to conduct the electric current from the transformer to the spark plug. This current is of low intensity, however, the voltage required to generate the spark on the spark plug is high getting between 20,000 and 30,000 volts.

These resistor covers are applied to motorcycles, nautical engines, chainsaws and generators, among other engines. Its excellent sealing prevents the entry of humidity between the spark plug and the terminal, avoiding in this way the common misfires on rainy days.

Some models have internal resistance of 5kΩ. The resistor cover resistance has the function of reducing the noise generated by the operation of the ignition system, avoiding interference in vehicle electronic systems, such as: electronic fuel injection; CDI; antitheft system (alarms, blockers and trackers); instrument panels; Global Positioning System (GPS); communication systems (via radio).